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Regarded as the oldest gemstone and once considered the most valuable, pearls have long been sought after by those of wealth and good fortune. Today, pearl jewelry, known as the June birthstone, symbolizes innocence and purity. As such, pearl jewelry is frequently adored by brides-to-be who purchase pearl earrings, a pearl necklace or pearl bracelet options to wear on their wedding day. At SuperJeweler, we have a stunning array of classic pearl jewelry options to choose from whether you are looking for a special piece to wear on your wedding day or a classic piece to wear on a daily basis, all of our pearl jewelry styles are designed to last a lifetime.

Known as the June birthstone, pearls vary in color with each color option representing a different meaning. Black pearl jewelry represents wealth and prosperity, pink pearl jewelry represents success, fame and good fortune and white pearl jewelry represents beauty and new beginnings. With a different meaning and overall aesthetic for each pearl color, it's common for women to frequently add pearl jewelry to their existing collection, even if their birthstone is not the June birthstone. Pearls are unique from other gemstones because they are extracted from living organisms and are classified as either natural freshwater pearls, found in almost every country or cultured freshwater pearls, found mostly in China. Because each pearl comes from its own oyster and varies in shape, size and color, every piece in SuperJeweler's June birthstone jewelry collection is unique.

Considered a family heirloom and frequently passed down from generation to generation, pearl earrings, pearl bracelet styles and pearl necklace pieces exude feelings of comfort and serenity. At SuperJeweler, we specialize in finely crafted 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold pearl jewelry, perfect for June birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts or push presents. Whatever the occasion may be, each and every piece in SuperJeweler's June birthstone jewelry collection is designed to be passed down for generations to come.