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The allure of purple gemstones is undeniable. Known for the ability to heal its wearer emotionally, spiritually and physically, SuperJeweler's purple gemstones encourage balance, tranquility and peace. With its soothing tones, our purples gemstones are complimented when set in sterling silver or 14K yellow gold, white gold, or the feminine rose gold. Delicately crafted with our finest gemstones from around the world, our purple gemstones consist of our amethyst ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings collections.

Tranquil, yet seductive, amethyst, the focal point of our purple gemstones, is the birthstone for February and the gift for 6th wedding anniversaries. These purple gemstones are also a meaningful push present, as they are said to aid you in communicating with angels, while bringing you good luck. Dating back to ancient times, these calming purple gemstones have been known as a "sobriety stone," preventing its wearing from drinking too much. Popular for many centuries, this stone was once used by the royals of Great Britain who adorned their crowns with these tranquil purple gemstones. Today, these purple gemstones are a favorite among celebrities such as Sofia Vergara and Jessica Biel, who flaunt their amethyst jewelry on the red carpet. Reality star, Heidi Montag from the MTV show The Hills, received an amethyst engagement ring from her now husband, Spencer Pratt. Due to its durability, these purple gemstones are a popular choice for an alternative engagement ring as they can withstand the wear and tear of life's daily activities.

These spiritual purple gemstones were once thought of as a stone your grandmother would wear, but due to their characteristics and striking color, amethyst is well sought after by millenials. Ranging in colors including lilac, mauve and a deep purple, SuperJeweler's purple gemstones are stunningly crafted to last a lifetime. Our purple gemstones are designed to fit all price points, carat sizes and gemstone shapes. No matter which of our purple gemstones you choose, each and every piece is designed to make you feel like a celebrity.