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Dark and mysterious, SuperJeweler's black gemstones are exquisitely designed with our finest gemstones from around the world. Consisting of black diamonds, black onyx and black opals, our black diamonds are stunningly crafted in sterling silver and 10K or 14K yellow gold, white gold, or the very fashion-forward rose gold. Designed to last a lifetime, each piece in our black gemstones collection tells their own unique story.

Known to bring its wearer protection and self control, SuperJeweler's black onyx gemstones are associated with the planet Saturn. These black gemstones are said to bring positive energy into one's life. Dating back to ancient times, these black gemstones were well sought after because the dark color of the stone was said to absorb negative energy and help its wearer tune into the present and forget about anyone, or anything, that may have hurt them in the past. Recommended to reduce stress and help aid in a good night's sleep, these black gemstones are also said to help with kidney and liver disease. A true eye-catcher when set in 14K yellow gold, these black gemstones are available as a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings and make for a stunning birthday gift or just a special gift to the one you love, or yourself.

Magical and mystical, our black opal gemstone collection tantalizes the eyes and awakens the mind. These black gemstones illuminate from within and display an array of fiery colors, sure to stimulate the mind. Masterfully crafted with our finest black opals, these unique black gemstones are known to uplift their wearer and bring light into their aura. If you are looking to connect with your spirituality, this is the gemstone for you. These black gemstones are known as the stone of death and re-birth and are the perfect gift to give to a loved one who is making a fresh start in their lives.

One of the most popular gemstones throughout the world, SuperJeweler's black diamond collection captivates the eye with its alluring beauty. Dating back to Medieval times, these black gemstones were known to symbolize a romantic relationship and the love and passion within that relationship. Traditionally, these black gemstones are known to bring its wearer balance and increase their inner strength. Today, these black gemstones are known as a stone of power and are said to connect its wearer with the spiritual world. Popular with healers, these black gemstones are said to bring truth to those that possess the mystical stone.

With so many magical and mysterious black gemstones to choose from, SuperJeweler's black gemstones are all designed with tender lover and care to last a lifetime. Known to be passed down for generations to come, our black gemstones each carry their own powers and properties that bring love, hope and strength to the lives of those that wear them.