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Long Post Diamond Earrings - Finally, the comfort you need to be comfortable wearing pierced earrings again
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SuperJeweler is the Best Place to Buy Long Post Earrings

Not every online jeweler, or even every jewelry store, carries long post earrings, so why do we? It’s simple – we want everyone to be able to experience the pleasure of wearing a pair of diamond earrings. Some people simply can’t wear a pair of standard diamond earrings because they have thicker ear lobes, scarring of the ears or other problems that prohibit them from wearing earrings with standard length posts. That’s where our long post diamond earrings come in – a long post earring features added length that ensures a comfortable, secure fit. We craft all ours with a notched earring back as well for additional security.

End Your Search for Long Post Diamond Earrings at SuperJeweler

For many people, the search for a pair of long or extra long post diamond earrings has been fruitless or frustrating. If you’ve been looking for long post diamond earrings, you’ve found the online jewelry store for you! We proudly offer several different sizes, styles and carat weights. Our long post diamond earrings come in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold so you can choose a pair of diamond earrings that are the perfect style and color as well as the perfect fit.

Unparalleled Quality

For some shoppers, quality has been a real issue when shopping for earrings with longer posts. They may have found long post diamond earrings, but only set with poor quality stones or low-grade mountings. That’s not us. We never offer jewelry that’s low grade or cheaply made. Just because you have to wear extra long posts doesn’t mean you don’t want the absolute best, so we craft every pair of long post diamond earrings to the same exacting standards we demand on our standard post earrings.

Superior Selection

While there are other retailers who offer a few pairs of long post earrings, they won’t have the impressive selection you’ll find at SuperJeweler. We aren’t satisfied with offering a few pairs of plain earrings with longer posts because we want you to have plenty of style options. We have long post diamond stud earrings and dangle earrings, both in several styles from classic to contemporary so you can create a fashionable wardrobe of long post diamond earrings instead of settling for just one option.

Large Selection of Long Post Diamond Stud Earrings

Nothing matches the classic elegance of diamond studs for versatility. You can wear them every day as your go-to earrings or slip them on for special occasions. Our long post diamond stud earrings will look just as fabulous with jeans and a tee as they will with your little black dress. Because our long post diamond earrings feature diamonds in a multitude of sizes, we’re confident you’ll find that “just right” pair of diamond studs that will frame your face with the perfect twinkle.

Hypoallergenic Earrings

If you have sensitive skin and can’t wear costume jewelry, gold-filled or base metal jewelry, you can buy your long post diamond earrings from SuperJeweler with confidence. All our diamond earrings are created from 14K gold to ensure you’ll never have an adverse reaction.

Whether you have sensitive skin or need long post diamond earrings, SuperJeweler has thought of you. Our online jewelry store offers something for everyone, no matter what special considerations they have for their diamond jewelry.