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Reminiscent of the stunning sea and open sky, SuperJeweler's blue gemstones exude cooling tones of blue, bringing its wearer a calming inner peace. Varying in hues of blue from a subtle ice-blue to a deep sapphire blue, our blue gemstones compliment all styles and skin-tones. At SuperJeweler, we specialize in designing finely crafted precious blue gemstones with the purest blue gemstones from around the world, offered to you at incredibly low-prices.

Dating back to ancient Egypt, blue gemstones were known to represent heaven. The calming tones of blue gemstones represent the color of sleep and twilight, bringing peace to its wearer. Blue gemstones promote an inner peace and have been known to aid those that have a difficult time sleeping or those that suffer from nightmares. Today, with its pure blue tones, blue gemstones are known for their characteristics of spirituality, sincerity and inspiration, making blue gemstones a very meaningful gift for push presents, as the stones are known to calm and sooth those that possess the gemstone. 

When shopping for blue gemstones, many customers prioritize the tone of the blue color over the gemstone itself. At SuperJeweler, we offer a large array of blue gemstones, each varying in color and characteristics, including blue topaz, aquamarine, sapphire, turquoise and tanzanite. Depending on your preference in color, our blue gemstones can either remind you of a warm summer's day, with our blue topaz and aquamarine options, or a cool winter's night, with our sapphire and tanzanite styles. Known for bringing truth and moderation to those that wear sapphire, this magnificent gemstone is one of the most popular blue gemstones at SuperJeweler.com.

Those looking to open the flow of communication, while bringing a youthful abundance to their lives should consider SuperJeweler's turquoise gemstones. These green-to-blue gemstones contain the qualities of both green gemstones and blue gemstones, bringing you twice the amount of protection, health and strength. Those looking for creativity, purity and tranquility should consider the icy blue gemstones in our stunning aquamarine collection. With its deep mythical history, aquamarine is known as a mermaid's stone and carries a symbolic value for those traveling by sea. Keeping that in mind, our finely crafted blue gemstones in our aquamarine collection are available in an array of styles, with each piece bringing comfort and peace to its wearer.

Available in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold and the very feminine rose gold, SuperJeweler's blue gemstones will relax you with their peaceful hues and bring you a clear sense of communication. Blue gemstones are associated with the Throat Chakra, which is the chakra that deals with communication with oneself and others. Delicately crafted with all of the characteristics that blue gemstones carry, SuperJeweler's blue gemstones are exquisitely designed to bring you peace and serenity for a lifetime.