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Find the Best Ruby Jewelry at SuperJeweler!

Ruby jewelry makes a great addition to one’s jewelry wardrobe. The rich and warm color hues of red, pink-red, blood-red, and burgundy are perfect to compliment most any color of outfit. Ruby jewelry is the birthstone for July which makes it both a great birthday gift and push gift for that special July baby. Also, rubies symbolize love, wealth, and success, and with many cultures believing that rubies are the Stone of Kings! Today, Superjeweler.com offers the best ruby jewelry selection with your choice of precious metals like gold, sterling silver, and platinum. You can also find most ruby jewelry styles accented with diamonds. The prices at SuperJeweler.com are the best and can fit any budget.

Finding matching ruby jewelry styles is easy at SuperJeweler.com. There are over a thousand different styles of ruby ring, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that can easily be matched and make a fashion statement. You can buy a matching set all at once or buy any item today, and the matching ruby necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings for other special occasions. No matter how you might buy your jewelry, SuperJeweler.com always has the best selection and price.


Frequently Asked Question

  • What birthstone month is ruby?
  • Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July. Ruby jewelry makes a great July birthday gift, but also a great July push present to the mother for the birth of a July baby. At SuperJeweler.com you will find a great selection of ruby jewelry at the best price.


  • What color gold goes best with ruby?
  • Rubies come in a variety of rich and warm hues of red, pink-red, blood-red, and burgundy. Red compliments white gold, sterling silver, and platinum, but it also, looks great in both yellow gold and rose gold. This makes rubies extremely easy to select and wear.


  • How much should ruby jewelry cost?
  • The answer to how much ruby jewelry costs has a few factors to consider. Firstly, what precious metal is used to make the ruby jewelry and is the ruby jewelry designed with diamonds. Secondly, what is the general quality of color, clarity, cut and carat weight – Yes, the 4C’s of Rubies. And finally, is the ruby a natural ruby, enhanced or a created ruby. Let’s tackle each factor separately.
  • If the ruby jewelry is made with sterling silver with no diamonds, then the price can be quite low. If the ruby jewelry is made with 14 karat gold with no diamonds, it can be very affordable at a great jeweler like SuperJeweler.com. If you want diamonds with your rubies, the price is higher but can be very affordable. Checkout SuperJeweler.com for great deals on fine jewelry.
  • Rubies are not graded like diamonds, but they are judged for color, clarity, cut and carat weight in much the same method. For color, the medium to dark reds are generally more expensive, but note that the evenness or saturation of color is very important to the value. The clarity is the absence of inclusions or blemishes. Very few of either command the higher price but know that few rubies approach any level of being inclusion or blemish-free. Cut is a matter of fashioning the ruby from the rough state to a beautiful gemstone. The most important consideration is symmetry relative to the desired gem shape. Carat weight is easy to judge since it is a physical measurement, obviously the bigger the ruby the more expensive.
  • Whether or not the ruby is natural (mined, cut, polished, heat treated); enhanced natural (fractured-filled or reconstructed); or created (natural elements processed with modern technology) the value of the ruby is as much about fashion as it is about the ruby’s nature. The best advice is to not over complicate the purchasing decision. If you want a flawless natural ruby, you should be prepared to pay top-dollar! If you want a more natural looking ruby with great color and the romance that the materials are mostly from a ruby mine, a fractured-filled or reconstructed ruby is a great value and an affordable choice. If you want the best color and clarity ruby with a very affordable price tag, created rubies fit the bill. It is not that difficult of a choice. Go to SuperJeweler.com for the best trusted source and amazing supply of ruby jewelry.


  • Can you wear ruby every day?
  • Ruby jewelry can be worn every day and compliment many colors of outfits. Rubies have an excellent toughness, making them very durable for everyday wear. Like most gemstones, rubies should not be subject to any hard blows or rough wear, but with proper care and maintenance ruby jewelry can last for many years. Try matching up and wearing the rich and warm hues of ruby reds with different colors in your wardrobe—a black and white outfit with red rubies looks spectacular and polished. Rubies also look great with blues, greens, and yellows. SuperJeweler.com has hundreds of ruby styles at the best prices.