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SuperJeweler Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond drop earrings hang off your ear so that the diamonds can shine forth.

They can be ornate or simple in style, depending on the look that you are going for.

Choose how you style your diamond drop earrings depending upon the occasion. Delicate pieces work fabulously with day and work outfits. Dramatic chandelier diamond drop earrings are wonderful for nighttime and occasions.

  • Delicate diamond drop earrings.

  • Whether floral or boho, you will look trendy with little sparklers dropping down. Intricate diamonds add a little sparkle. Pair with a fun simple dress, culottes or a fabulous bag for an afternoon in the city.
  • Colored diamond drop earrings.

  • Want to look vibrant and refreshed? Add a pair of colored diamond drop earrings, such as blue or black diamonds. You will totally be rockin’ a 2025 look!
  • Halo drop earrings.

  • Halos of diamonds around a center diamond give you a big and super-fiery look! This statement style hooks you up with loads of sparkle and is mad elegant. Wear these with color block trend-wear and you will get past any velvet rope!
  • Vintage diamond drop earrings.

  • Vintage looks are always popular. Diamond drop earrings can totally add an antique vibe to your look. Combine fine details and antique shapes, along with fine diamonds, creating a vintage look. Pair these with some thrift store finds and tear up the downtown vibe.

Diamond drop earrings from SuperJeweler provide loads of styling options. Check out diamond drop earrings on SuperJeweler and save!


Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the best style of diamond drop earrings?
  • This is a great question and so very personal to your style. Only you can decide what is the best style of diamond drop earrings you should wear. The major factors to consider are earring length, design, and price. Length is simply the distance that you want the drop or dangle of the earring to hang below your earlobe. The considerations of length could be your hairstyle, dress neckline, the social occasion, and the shape of your face. Designs of diamond drop earrings are many and wide-ranging. The basic designs of diamond drop earrings are thin, almost stick-like; wide yet delicate; and with or without movement. Yes, drop earrings can have movement, but only if you want it. Finally, price is always an important factor when it comes to fine jewelry. This is why millions of shoppers go directly to SuperJeweler.com for the best price and selection of diamond drop earrings


  • What is the difference between diamond drop and diamond dangle earrings?
  • Diamond drop earrings are earrings that hang below the earlobe. The term dangle really means the same thing as drop. There are other types of diamond earrings that are important to know. One is diamond stud earrings. These are earrings with one diamond on each earring or simple small element designs that fit within the size of the earlobe. Another type of diamond earring to know is diamond hoop earrings. These are earrings that drop down but have a basic shape mostly consisting of straight lines or rows of diamonds that form a circle or j-shape.


  • What occasions can you wear diamond drop earrings?
  • Diamond drop earrings are for everyday events casual and formal. The fashion styling of wearing diamond drop earrings does not have rules. Wearing large diamond drop earrings for work or a casual evening out is totally acceptable. As for formal occasions, diamond drop earrings are perfect and luxurious. The only cautions for wearing diamond drop earrings would also apply to wearing necklaces or neck chains – be careful when you are doing strenuous activities and working near machinery. Otherwise, diamond drop earrings should have a prominent place in your fine jewelry wardrobe.


  • How much should diamond drop earrings cost?
  • Diamond drop earrings can vary in price depending on the precious metal used to make them and the size and quality of the diamonds. If the diamond drop earrings are made in sterling silver the price can be very affordable, starting at around $100. If the diamond drop earrings are made in 14 karat gold the price will be slightly higher, maybe starting around $300. In both cases the diamond sizes would be small and the quality somewhat average. When it comes to better quality diamond drop earrings you can expect to pay more. Average prices generally range between $500 and $2,000, with very fine and larger diamond drop earrings costing $10,000 to $50,000. The most important thing to consider when purchasing fine jewelry is the confidence that you have in your jeweler. This is why SuperJeweler.com is the place to go for the best price and selection.


How To Choose Diamond Drop Earrings

How to Select the Style of Diamond Drop Earrings

Selecting the right diamond drop earrings is not necessarily about price, it should be about style and your fashion sense. Diamond drop earrings can go from petite drops that dangle slightly below the earlobe to larger diamond drop styles with dramatic movement. The number and size of diamonds is also a consideration. Large and fiery diamonds are always great to own, but so are smaller diamonds that deliver a unique style and scintillating sparkle that make you feel fun and free. Just as with diamond hoop earrings, diamond drop earrings should bring excitement to your fine jewelry wardrobe.

Petite Diamond Drop Earrings Larger Diamond Drop Earrings

How to Select the Precious Metal for Diamond Drop Earrings

Selecting the precious metal for your diamond drop earrings is a matter of personal choice and price. Luckily, diamond drop earrings look great in sterling silver and all the colors of gold. You can really follow your own personal style and select the metal color that you prefer the most. Both sterling silver and white gold have a similar appearance but are very different in price. The sterling silver is much less expensive but white gold gives you a richer look for the price. Diamond drop earrings in yellow gold or rose gold are great choices too as their unique colors look outstanding.

Precious Metal for Diamond Drop Earrings

How to Personalize Your Diamond Drop Earrings

One way to personalize your diamond drop earrings is to have your earrings engraved on the back or side. Depending on the width of the earrings and the design space, you can have your name or special message engraved. This is a great idea for gift-giving and if the diamond drop earrings have a special purpose.

Great Idea for Gift Giving Personalize Your Diamond Drop Earrings

How to Use Diamond Drop Earrings as a Push Present

The gift of jewelry makes a great push present. Diamond drop earrings are great for a mother delivering a baby regardless of the birthing month. Having a baby is life changing and that is why gifting fine jewelry is so appropriate. Just think, every time Mom looks at her beautiful diamond drop earrings, she will think about the glorious day of delivery. How special is that?

Diamond Drop Earrings as a Push Present Diamond Halo Teardrop Earrings

How to Clean your Diamond Drop Earrings

Cleaning diamond drop earrings is very simple, and you can generally do it yourself. Start by creating a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Soak your diamond drop earrings for about 10 – 15 minutes and then gently brush the diamonds with a new soft-bristled toothbrush. Then rinse your diamond drop earrings under warm running water to remove the soap film. Gently dry your diamond drop earrings with a soft cloth taking care not to snag any prongs or diamonds. For an elevated sparkle you can use a professionally formulated jewelry cleaner. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning are recommended by a trained professional.

How to Clean your Diamond Drop Earrings How to Clean your Diamond Drop Earrings

How to Ensemble Your Diamond Drop Earrings

Once you have selected your diamond drop earrings adding a complimenting ring, necklace, or bracelet is quite easy. The styles of most diamond drop earrings seldom match exactly as the earrings’ design is generally quite different from that of ring, necklaces, and bracelets. The most important thing is that your jewelry wardrobe is a self-expression all your own. There is really no right or wrong.

Ensemble Your Diamond Jewelry