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Custom Jewelry
Design Service

Custom Jewelry
Design Service

The staff of SuperJeweler.com has more than 100 Collective Years experience in creating custom jewelry designs. From simple diamond rings to intricate or bold creative designs, SuperJeweler is ready to create the jewelry of your dreams. Shhh….some customers even use our custom design service just to save money, so feel free to send pictures from competitors websites!

No charge for the design, just the jewelry, so you can get fantastic jewelry at the Low SuperJeweler Price!


Hand Drawn
Sketch Of Your Idea



CAD, Computer Creation
Of Your New Jewelry



3D Printing Of The Item
To Be Cast In Gold Or Platinum



The Complete Custom
Fine Jewelry Of Your Dreams!

Previously Created For Other Customers

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Once you submit your design idea to SuperJeweler, one of our custom jewelry experts will contact you to discuss the project. Then, we will create a photorealistic image of the item for you to see. At that point, we can make any needed adjustments and get your approval. There is no commitment until you let us know you are ready for us to make your new custom Ring, Earrings, Necklace or Bracelet. So let’s get started!